Indoor Golf Course Play and Practice Simulator in Park County Colorado

Can you believe it?  You can play or practice golf year round here in Fairplay Colorado. We are just a short distance from Salida, Breckenridge, Frisco or almost anywhere in Summit County.  A twosome can easily play 18 holes on the Breckenridge course in less than three hours on our simulator. Why not come over and give us a try? The weather is always good here and you can enjoy a cigar and a drink while you are on the course. 

Golf simulators allow you to practice and play a virtual round of golf regardless of what the weather is doing outside. Our Golf Course 2019 Simulator offers you the experience of full swing driving, chipping and putting.  

Our state of the art golf course simulator and hitting bay offers you the ability to just swing away as if you were on a golf driving range, without any bad weather because it doesn’t rain here.  Or you can enjoy a very realistic game of virtual golf on almost any course you want to play.  How about playing Torrey Pines or the TPC course at Sawgrass FL, or play a course closer to home. Or maybe 18 holes at Breckenridge or 9 holes at the beautiful Collegiate Peaks Golf Course in Buena Vista CO.  Either way you should improve your swing, distance and accuracy if you keep up your skills during the off season.

So whether you just want to hit a hundred 7 irons as if you were on a golf range, or play your favorite 9 holes at an executive golf course or play 18 holes with a couple of friends, The Rocky Mountain Cigar Company is the place to go.  

All golfers love the opportunity to play and improve their golf game at any time. Bottom line, Golf is about spending quality time with people we enjoy, competing and trying to do our personal best. 

How does a Golf Simulator work?

Our Uneekor QED/The Golf Course 2019 Golf Simulator provides state of the art measuring devices that can help lower your scores and help you better enjoy the game. It calculates shot results instantly, giving you information you can use to practice and make improvements with any club.  

QED’S advanced mathematics combined with electronic sensors captures high-speed photos of your club and ball spin. The data and feedback provided after every shot gives the information you need to improve your game and lower your scores.  You can use this data to make swing changes over the winter or even throughout the summer.

Our QED Golf Simulator Features:

  • Equipped with 2 hyper speed cameras 3000 fps
  • Directly reads both ball and club thru sensors
  • Provides real time footage of club and ball at impact
  • Swing freely with ceiling mount implementation

The QED launch monitor is mounted overhead on the ceiling, making it an ideal system for groups with both lefties and righties. There are no adjustments necessary when playing with your family and friends who use different clubs.


Golf lessons are available.

We can work with you to arrange sessions with one of our local golf instructors if you need help with club fitting adjusted to your golf swing, golf swing dynamics, or golf lessons.

Play any of the 200,000 different courses we have in our Simulator.

That’s right, more than 200,000 different courses including almost all of the major PGA tour courses and most of the resort courses around the world. You can Play Pebble Beach, The Austin Country Club, and Torrey Pines, Dakota Dunes or even the master’s course in Augusta, Georgia! 

Or, do you want to play The Salida Club?  Lying between the Sangre de Cristo and Collegiate Peak mountain ranges, the course is at 7000 feet above sea level. You can play this course right here on our Simulator.  No problem!

How do I book a tee time on your Golf Simulator?

60 minutes of simulator time is usually sufficient to hit 100 balls or play 18 holes alone.  When booking for multiple people, allow more time to accommodate more players. Right and left-handed golfers are able to play on the same bay at the same time with our simulator.

We Offer Hourly Play and Practice, during our normal business hours.  The cost is $23 for one person per hour plus an additional $6 per hour per person for each additional player.

Walkins are always welcome, but to assure you will have a tee time, call to make a reservation.

Golf Simulator cost – $23 (One Hour) one person (Per Hour)

Golf Simulator cost – $29 (One Hour) two people  (Per Hour)

Golf Simulator cost – $35 (one Hour) three people  (Per Hour)

Golf Simulator cost – $41 (one hour) for 4 People (Per Hour) 

Some tips for indoors practice in the winter. 

In the winter most public courses make players hit off of mats to save the turf from too much wear and tear. If this is the case at your course it is probably easier and better to practice indoors.

Use the winter to work on your pre-shot routine. Understanding your pre-shot routine will really help to keep your tension and anxiety levels low. Watch Professionals.  They all have a well-founded pre-shot routine.

Sharpen your mental game. Most golfers struggle with the mental part of the game as much as the game of golf itself. Changing your routine and your way of thinking on the golf course can positively affect your game as much as a new driver.